Queen Ant Raid Event

28/05/2022 Queen Ant Raid Event

Event Duration: May 18 – June 15

Beginning this Wednesday, after maintenance, the Queen Ant Raid event will begin!

During this event, Ants will raid into the Ant Burrow location in Gludio Castle. You can reach the Burrow by talking to NPC “Antri” in each village, or by paying 770 Adena to teleport to the Burrow via the Teleport UI (in Gludio Castle).

In order to enter, you must be level 76 or higher. You can enter only once per day (daily reset at 6:30am server time) and must attempt the dungeon with an alliance consisting of between 20 and 200 players.

The event will conclude on June 15 after maintenance. Alongside the event’s conclusion the following items will be deleted:

  • Mysterious Ticket (Time-limited)
  • Queen Ant’s Treasure Chest (Time-limited)
  • Queen Ant’s Abode Pass (Time-limited)
  • Forgotten Primeval Garden Time Recharge Stone (Time-limited)
  • Primeval Isle Time Recharge Stone (Time-limited)
  • Boost Attack Scroll (Time-limited)
  • Boost Defense Scroll (Time-limited)
  • Grace Cookie (Time-limited)

Raid Contents

Within the Queen Ant Raid, you’ll encounter waves of ants who will spawn and attempt to protect their queen. These include:

  • Nurse Ants: Heals the queen HP when its HP is reduced.
  • Escort Ants: Queen Ant defenders, they should be killed first.
  • Royal Guard Ants: Will spawn when the queen’s HP decreases to a set margin.

Force your way past these defends and onto the Queen Ant, who is your objective. Defeat the Queen Ant, and you will be rewarded with any of the following rewards which can drop randomly upon her demise:

Item Name
Queen Ant’s Ring
Rare Accessory Enhancement Scrolls
Blessed Rare Accessory Enhancement Scrolls
Queen Ant’s Stone Crasher
Queen Ant Doll Lv. 2
Spell Books:
(Consume, Elemental Burst, Arterial Strike, White Guardian, Hell Fire, Song of Earth, Hunter’s Song, Dance of the Warrior, Dance of Fire, Gigantic Swing, Gigantic Crush, Burning Strike, Armor Breaker, Blood Link, Debuff Master, Song of Wind, Dance of Fury, Piercing Thrust, Elemental Transition, Elemental Spirit Lv. 4, Fortune Time, Mechanic Masterpiece, Forge Attack, Sensation, Refine, Imprison, Stamina, Toughness, Seclusion, Reverse Pull, Synchro Freedom, Phantom Blood)
Pet Textbooks:
(Block Swapping, Gigantic Bite, Feather Explosion, Last Savage Claw, Magnetic Body, Back Explosion, Iron Skin)
A-Grade Weapon
A-Grade Armor
Cloth Piece

In addition to receiving any of the rewards above, defeating the Queen Ant will also allow you to receive the Event Buff below: or leave the raid area through the NPC “Gio” which spawns after the Ant Queen is dead.

Buff Name Effect
Prophecy of Ant For 180 minutes, PVE damage +5%, All Critical Rate +5, All Critical Damage +100, Sayha’s Grace Consumption speed between -10%

Once you are ready to depart, speak to NPC “Gio” to exit the Ant Burrow!

Additional Quest

Throughout the Event Period, the daily quest “Queen Ant Subjugation” will become active, and you may acquire additional rewards through the mission once you have completed the raid and killed the Queen Ant.

Below are the rewards!

Quest Details Rewards Restrictions
Queen Ant Subjugation Defeat the Inzone Queen Ants Shiny Jewelry Box 1ea Lv76 or higher (once per character)
Red Arc – 1st Place 1ea


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