Giran Seals

28/05/2022 Giran Seals

Giran Seals are the new permanent premium currency added to the Lineage 2 Aden versions. It is used in Special Crafting to make Equipment, both normal, epic as well as books and limited time imprint items.

You can read details about what is available to craft here.

Personally my opinion is to only use this system if you are missing basic things for your character such as spellbooks. Everything else except for the Rare Accessory crafting for the Special HP Recovery Potions is just not worth the investment.

Also the newly added pet accessories do not really offer any benefits that are worth at this stage of the game so avoid. There will be future lootboxes that are pet focused and you can get these much cheaper.

Lastly now is an excellent time to shop for gear in the World Auction house since it got flooded after the last event, lots of items are very cheap now, so invest your L2 Coin there.

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