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Doom is a Lineage II international clan that was created by merging several other clan core members from the official Giran Classic server, most notably BlackLotus and the 300. Our core principles consist of playing to have fun and not treating the game as a business. Our members are not promised gear but an environment they will be respected and supported.


PvE Content

Our clan takes part in daily and weekly in-server and dimensional raids. Loot is distributed on a per need and activity basis, we do not use a dkp system.

PvP Content

Our clan contests all content, even if numbers are not favorable. We are strong believers of the saying “nothing ventured, nothing gained”. Expect to die a lot but also to have fun!


Doom got Goddard Castle

Doom got Goddard castle this weekend in Elcadia, taxes will be set at 0% for 2 weeks so dont forget to set Goddard as your new base. Thanks to everyone for the good fun!

Giran Seals

Giran Seals are the new permanent premium currency added to the Lineage 2 Aden versions. It is used in Special Crafting to make Equipment, both normal, epic as well as books and limited time imprint items. You can read details about what is available to craft here. Personally my opinion is to only use this..

Doom Won the Golden Festival

This week our clan won the Golden Festival Event with a whopping last minute bid of 87.600 Points which is approximately 8 million L2 Coins. Fury has now the Death Knight Transformation ultimate skill which will help our clan progress in both PvP and PvE. Kudos to everyone that contributed to reach this goal!

Queen Ant Raid Event

Event Duration: May 18 – June 15 Beginning this Wednesday, after maintenance, the Queen Ant Raid event will begin! During this event, Ants will raid into the Ant Burrow location in Gludio Castle. You can reach the Burrow by talking to NPC “Antri” in each village, or by paying 770 Adena to teleport to the Burrow..


[email protected]Drop us an email if you want to learn more info about our game and how to join us. Or you can join our discord and chat with us directly